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Whether you’re a college student or just starting your career, or even if you’ve been around the block a few times, being successful is a lot easier than you think. That being said, success doesn’t automatically come to you, either.

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Just as with anything else in life, you have to make some goals and stick to a plan, but just how to get started with this can be difficult. Regardless of where you are right now, you can get one step closer to success if you follow these simple rules:

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Have you ever felt like your mind is holding you back from being successful? Positive thinking can help you improve not only your life but also your health.

This type of thinking has many benefits, including happier moods and improved mental clarity — all while increasing productivity. Positive thinkers are more likely to be optimistic about the future and have better relationships with others!

These six facts will show how they can do wonders for you.

Six positive thinking facts to improve your mental power by Fancied Facts

1. It Leads to a Better Cardiovascular Health

Positive thinking leads to better cardiovascular health. Positive thinkers are more likely…

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Have you had trouble focusing or achieving your potential mentally and otherwise?

Well, who hasn’t?

We have a nasty habit of blaming ourselves so intensely for these failures that we come to believe that those greater mental and personal aspirations are simply impossible for us.

However, that’s simply not true, as these accessible focus-boosting mental exercises and lifestyle changes demonstrate.

1. Avoid High-Level Distractions

Maybe you’ve been making an honest effort to up your focus already but just can’t seem to do it. …

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Mice! Oh, those annoying little rodents! No matter how cute you may find Jerry the cartoon mouse, of Tom & Jerry fame, it’s undeniable that seeing a live mouse gives lots of people the sudden fright.

Well, now if a little mouse does that to an intelligent human, imagine how scared an elephant would be when it sees a mouse. But wait, aren’t elephants supposed to be scared of mice? Isn’t that what’s been believed for centuries?

If that’s what you thought, it’s time to debunk some of the ideas in this myth. Yes, elephants being perpetually scared of mice…

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From Scheherazade going on the longest bedtime storytelling spree in the 1,001 Arabian Nights to Freud delving into The Interpretation of Dreams to that seminal classic Goodnight, Moon, we all agree sleep is extremely important. But what does sleep actually do for you? Is it possible for sleep to actually improve your mental abilities while awake?

How to increase you brain power while sleeping? By Fancied Facts media

1. The Importance of Sleep for Your Body (and Brain)

Aside from keeping you from feeling like you’re about to collapse into your morning breakfast (lifesaving coffee and all), there are several…

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You may have heard people use the phrase “Oh! He is just burying his head in the sand like an ostrich!” to denote that the person is in denial of a problem. In doing so, the said person hopes that the problem will go away.

But have you ever stopped and thought about whether ostriches truly bury their heads in the sand when they sense danger? Legends say “yes”, but biological science says “no”.

So, why do ostriches get such a bad rap? And if burying their head in the sand is a myth, then what do ostriches do when…

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It’s an old comedy truism that to explain a joke is to kill it. Still, that’s exactly what humor theory seeks to do because when you get down to it, laughter is a strange phenomenon.

There are several theories about why humor might be an important psychological and social element of human society. Some see humor as a way of being able to prove you’re part of a group. Showing that you’re “in” on an “in-joke” helps prove you’re part of an “in-group,” thus fostering unity. It can also potentially be a way to cope with dark and difficult situations.

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Broccoli, or vegetables in general, isn’t entirely a subject that sparks interest in minds of most people. Indeed the unassuming vegetable has garnered quite a bad reputation among young folk who see it as repulsive. This, we feel, is a disgraceful way to look at such a storied and versatile plant.

Indeed, you may not think it but broccoli actually has quite the interesting backstory that many people don’t know about or isn’t often brought up in mass media. …

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Olives are actually fruits; they are stone fruits and are related to mangoes, peaches, almonds, and pistachios. They grow on trees, and they are generally green when unripe but darken to black when fully ripened (some olives stay green even when ripe).

Nutritional benefits of olives by Fancied Facts

In the Mediterranean regions where olives are native, most olives are pressed into olive oil. Olive oil is a healthy source of fat and used for cooking many different kinds of dishes. It also makes a delicious salad dressing.

The olives that are not pressed for oil are usually processed and…

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There are lots of people in this world who can’t start their days without a cup of coffee! Coffee has a very distinctive aroma and an earthy, roasty, acidic taste. It can be enjoyed in many different ways from hot and black, to cold brew with sweet cream, to a dessert-like fluffy drink with flavored syrups and whipped cream. (Please note that when we’re talking about coffee health benefits here, we’re talking about the coffee, not the chocolate syrup or heavy creams.)

Coffee a healthy drink by Fancied facts

Substances that make Coffee a healthy beverage

Coffee is loaded with…

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