How does ~FEAR~ affect society?

Don’t get too cozy…. danger lurks. Fear looms.

Art by Fancied-Facts. Says “don’t let others influence your fear! learn to control it.”
FEAR ~ IS OUR ENEMY | Causes & Solutions short film
Top world-news headlines on since the writing of this article.

It’s worse than I thought!!

The above list is a complete and unedited first-page list. It’s worse than I thought — not one article reflects a positive or neutral title. It makes me wonder how this sits with the average person whose first activity of the day is casually surfing daily news while sipping a morning cup of coffee.

Survey conducted by Chapman university, 2019
Artist: Buffalo Springfield Track: “For What It’s Worth” (1966 Version) Album: Buffalo Springfield
Dr. Martin Luther king leader in the civil rights movement
Dr. Phil McGraw, is an American television personality, author, psychologist.
Dr. Doreen Lewis



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